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Pan in Education – Making Pan History

Boston, MA – January 10, 2005.

The first 2005 release from Sanch is Pan in Education. Simeon Sandiford describes the double CD thus: "it is the first of a series of unique, innovative, feature-packed, cost-effective, timeless cultural products, conceptualised by citizens of Trinidad and Tobago with the prime objective of playing in the global marketplace”. It is available from eCaroh Caribbean Emporium.

Dr. Patricia Bishop has praised the Pan in Education project for the important features placed “in a single, convenient and attractive package”. “It records visually both on paper and by means of the computer the music of Mark Loquan and associated lyrics.  It also records the music aurally so that [pan] players can hear the music even before they learn to play it.  The project showcases a number of [steel] bands and their arrangers so that a variety of arranging and playing styles can be studied and appreciated”.

In addition, she continues, “the package contains invaluable interpretative and performance notes, together with advice to teachers.  This could help them enliven their music lessons and to integrate music into the wider curriculum. In this regard, the contribution of Sat Sharma to the project must be singled out for special mention.”

Mr. Loquan who is the composer of Pan in Education informs us that it “is geared specifically for secondary and tertiary levels”. The production “involves a wide cross section of the music community, from arrangers, steelbands, schools, universities, pannists to those scoring and proof-editing the arrangements.”

“It was conceived out of the strong view that our local music can and should be documented as a computerized learning tool for education.  It is also meant to complement the current thrust towards placing pan in schools and improving music literacy levels using local musical arrangements”.

According to Mr Sharma, Lecturer in Musical Arts, Centre for Creative and Festival Arts, University of the West Indies “the thirteen arrangements have been classified into levels of difficulty with learning outcomes and linkages to other curricular areas identified. The repertoire provides for the development of ensemble playing for secondary schools at the intermediate and advanced levels, with such classification being justified by the following considerations: length, rhythm, melody, texture (which includes harmony), use of percussion and tempo.”

Commenting on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Augustus “Junior” Howell, Curriculum Officer – Music, states that “this double CD compilation…underscores the strong belief that our heritage in general, and local music in particular, should not only be recorded, but also documented and integrated fully into the music curriculum. This collection provides the opportunity for a wide cross section of music enthusiasts to experience steelpan music and hopefully display their musical talent”.

[eCaroh.com/ Ron Lammy]

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