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Arranger Order of Appearance
1 Pantonic 263 Ben Lion Clive Bradley 3rd
2 Marsicans 259 Fire Storm Pelham Goddard 5th
3 Sonatas 246 Fire Storm Winston Gordon 2nd
4 Dem Stars 235 Music For The Soul Jason "Peanuts" Isaac 7th
5 Sesame Flyers 224 Savannah On Fire Nicholas Mohan 4th
6 Adlib 213.5 Fire Storm Ruben Nelson 1st
7 NY Nutones/
213 Pan Manís Cry Lyndon Spencer, Collins Jackman 8th
8 Caribbean Youth Panoramics 210 Sweet Ramona Joseph "Franklin" Gerald 6th

The Panorama was held at the Jefferson Athletic Fields on Saturday, August 31st.

Details on the bands follows:

Marsicans Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: 112 Veronica Place, East Flatbush
Song: Fire Storm
Sung by: DeFosto
Arranger: Pelham Goddard
Captain: Mike Cunningham
Tuner: Wallace Austin

AdLib Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: 44 Guy Lombardo Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520
Song: Fire Storm
Sung by: DeFosto
Arranger: Rubin Nelson
Leader: Franklin Mayer
Jr. Captains: Lisa Mayer & Shanelle County
Tuners: Fitz and Patrick Worrell

Caribbean Youth Panoramics:
Practice Yard Location: Corner E. 49 St. & Ave. "D" , East Flatbush
Song: Sweet Ramona
Composed by: Robert Greenidge
Arranger: Joseph "Franklyn" Gerald
Manager: Joseph "Franklyn" Gerald
Captains: Lawrence Belle & Travis Thomas
Tuners: Fitz and Patrick Worrell

Dem Stars Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: 1051 Utica Avenue (Corner Tilden Avenue), East Flatbush
Song: Music For Your Soul
Composed by: Hollis Wright
Arranger: Jason "Peanut" Issac
Manager: Hendrix Faria
Captain: George Young
Tuners: Guppy Brown, Emmanuel "Jack" Riley, Learie Harrigan

Pantonic Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: 2202 Albermarle Road (off of Flatbush Avenue), Flatbush
Song: Ben Lion
Performed by: Three Canal
Arranger: Clive Bradley
Manager: Glenda Gamory
Captain: Keith Roberts
Tuner: Roland Harrigan

Pan Sonatas Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: 1254 Sterling Place (in rear yard), Crown Heights
Song: Fire Storm
Sung by: DeFosto
Arranger: Winston Gordon
Manager: Maculay Scott
Captain: Ainsworth "Chuffy" Cust
Tuner: Birch Kellman

Branches Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Song: Do What You Want
Composed by: Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
Arranger: Justin Petty

Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra:
Practice Yard Location: 1023 New York Avenue (between Snyder and Tilden, in schoolyard), East Flatbush
Song: Savannah on Fire
Composed by: Anthony "Pra" Tribuse
Arranger: Nicholas Mohan
Manager: Keith Marcelle
Captain: Dulce "Evette" Hinds
Tuner: Learie Harrigan

New York Nutones:
Practice Yard Location: Snyder Avenue between Woods and Bedford, East Flatbush
Song: Pan Man's Cry
Composed by: Collins Jackman & Lyndon Spencer
Arrangers: Collins Jackman & Lyndon Spencer
Captain: Josimar James
Tuner: Bertram Kellman


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