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Design by John FernandesThe Arawak Amerindian word ‘Mashirimehi’, which means "co-operative effort", is considered the antecedent of Mashramani. The first Mashramani festival was celebrated on Feb 23rd, 1970 in the mining town of Linden. It was a welcome celebration to Guyana’s status as a sovereign republic.


Camille Goliah-Basdeo, Tempest, was crowned Calypso Monarch 2004 in Bartica with "Don't Dis My Ability".

The Mighty Voter came second with "Walk De Walk".

VJ the 2003 monarch finished third with "I Will Resign".

Canary placed fourth with "A Woman Is A Woman".

Others in the top ranks:

  • Ras Marcus - "Go Fuh Cup"
  • Mighty Rebel - "My Experience"
  • Young Bill Rogers - "De Country Sick"
  • Little Man - "Man Shortage"


We thank all those who provided details in response to our January 25 email – see below - and for the suggestions regarding compiling past Mash recordings and lists of current Guyanese CDs. Links to fifty current CD titles follow the list of contestants. As more information becomes available, we will post it here at BourdaMarketPlace.com /Mash 04

(Name / Alphabetical Order /Singing Name/ Song)

  1. Alexander, Aubrey (Mighty Elder) - Not Known
  2. Anthony, Charles (Mighty Exciter) -  "Keep Our City Clean"
  3. Atkinson, Eddie (The Mighty Eddie "A") - "Woe To Eldorado"
  4. Atwell, Llewelyn ("Black Hat") - "Peace & Unity"
  5. Baird, Eze (King Solo) - "Burn Out"
  6. Bennett, Karen (Lady Karen) - "Parliament Blues"
  7. Byrne, Martin (Mighty Voter) - "Walk De Walk"
  8. Campbell, Robert (Mighty Roots) - "Begging"
  9. Clementson, Noel (Professor Clem - Not Known
  10. Corrica, Malcolm (Lord Canary)- "A Woman Is A Woman"
  11. David, Royvan (King Soloman David - "Promises"
  12. Fredericks, Joel (The Mighty Prophet) - "Wake Up Guyanese"
  13. Goliah-Basdeo, Camille (Tempest) - "Don’t Dis My Ability"
  14. Henry, Ivan (D’Ivan) -  "Save The Children"
  15. Hinds, Roger (Young Bill Rogers) - "De Country Sick"
  16. Hodge, Compton (Singing Coo Coo)- "Rumours"
  17. James, Winfield (Winfield James) - "Unity, Key To Prosperity"
  18. Kendall, Rudolph (Sweet Kendingo) "Hold That Bill"
  19. Mangal, Deryck (Bright Colours) -  "Yes We Must Know"
  20. Marcus, John (Ras Marcus) -  "Go Fuh Cup"
  21. McCurdy, Oscar (Mighty Ankoko) - "Set Our Nation Free"
  22. Morgan, Gregory (MMA Gregory) - "Why"
  23. Phillips, Geoffrey (The Mighty Rebel) - "My Experience"
  24. Simpson, Estella (Calypso Stella) - "You Got To Sing"
  25. Walcott, Wendell (The Mighty Hunter) "Tie Down Man"
  26. Wills, Monica (Sweet Monica) -  "Silent Killer"

Jordan, Vivian (Mighty VJ) - Defending Song – “I Will Resign”

Guyanese@yahoogroups.com  Message dated 1/25/2004:

We have had a number of requests for information about recent CD and DVD releases by Guyanese artistes and we ask for your assistance to respond. We will compile a list and share it with you in this forum by February 7th. We will also post the list at our web site and maintain it there through the rest of 2004.

To date we know of "Voice of Guyana" - Terry Gajraj; "Don't Rock De Boat" - D'Ivan; "Jump for Carnival" - Slingshot; and "Feeling Good" - Tony Mangra. These are, of course, in addition to the controversial "I will resign".

Please send the recording title, the performer's name and the genre (calypso, chutney, soca, reggae, etc.) by email to music@eCaroh.com. If you have information about the producer or the local and international sales outlets please send those details too.

Guyanese Performers On These CDs

  1. Bing Serrao and The Ramblers - The Three in One Saga
  2. Caribbean Christmas (Aubrey Cummings)
  3. Cheddi Nyack - Before You Love Me
  4. Cliff Joseph - My Redeemer Lives
  5. D’Ivan - Don’t Rock De Boat
  6. Dennis de Souza - Here With Me
  7. Dennis de Souza - The Best of Dennis de Souza Vol1
  8. Eddy Grant - Hit Collection
  9. Flantis and Ninja - Jealousy
  10. Gemini Band - G-Force
  11. Gemini Band - True Love
  12. Hugh Sam - Salute to Guyana 
  13. Is We Ting - Various Artistes
  14. John "Slingshot" DrePaul - Home Sweet Home
  15. John "Slingshot" DrePaul - Jump For Carnival
  16. John "Slingshot" DrePaul - Remembering
  17. John "Slingshot" DrePaul - Sweet Island Woman
  18. Ken Corsbie - Caribbean Voices 3
  19. Ken Corsbie - Caribbean Voices 4
  20. Ken Corsbie - Caribbean Voices 5
  21. Ken Corsbie - Caribbean Voices 6
  22. King Harry and King Fighter Sweet TnT (King Fighter)

  23. Korokwa - Folk Guyana Style
  24. Living Legends of Calypso (King Fighter)
  25. Marc Matthews - Smalldays
  26. Nesbit Chhangur - You’ll Always Be There
  27. Ninja - Styles (Flantis)
  28. Ray Seales and Co. - Cool Dive
  29. Reggie Paul - Caribbean Holiday
  30. Reggie Paul - Island Party
  31. Reggie Paul - Love in Paradise
  32. Reggie Paul - Tropical Guitar
  33. Reggie Paul’s - Caribbean Christmas
  34. Ron Bobb-Semple – The Spirit of Marcus Garvey [Spoken Word]
  35. Sweet Soca Rhythms Vol.1 (Militant)
  36. Telstars International - Orbiting
  37. Terry Gajraj - 25 Love Songs
  38. Terry Gajraj - Bhaita Gana
  39. Terry Gajraj - Bomba Trax
  40. Terry Gajraj - Touch of Class
  41. Tony Mangra - Loverman
  42. Tony Mangra - Feeling Good
  43. Tradewinds - Back Home (Dave Martins)
  44. Tradewinds - Greatest Hits (Dave Martins)
  45. Tradewinds - Greatest Hits Vol.2 (Dave Martins)
  46. Tradewinds - Greatest Hits Vol.3 (Dave Martins)
  47. Tradewinds - This Is Party (Dave Martins)
  48. Winston Duggin – Come Groove With Me
  49. Word Masters Live II, Caribbean Comedy (Ken Corsbie)
  50. Word Masters Live, Island Comedy (Ken Corsbie)


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